Thirty-four houses in Sindhupalchowka are threatened by landslides

August 31, 2021

Thirty-four houses are at risk of landslides in Keurani, Melamchi-8 city due to continuous rains. According to reports, 27 houses in Khair and 7 houses in Chayali are at risk as a result.

According to Kanchaman Dong, a

local resident, Khair’s settlements are threatened as landslides have started again where they occurred last year. He added that the locals have been in fear since the landslide started.

He complained that although the engineers of the local ward were repeatedly told of the risk, they did not take note of it.

Takraj Giri, chairman of Municipal District 8, urged that temporary shelters should be organized for local residents whose houses are at risk. He said the regional disaster management committee as well as experts have been informed about the risks and asked to assess them, but this has not been done.

He urged the district disaster management committee to invite a team of geologists to assess the settlement.

Meanwhile, humanitarian aid has been delivered to 17 flood-affected families in Bhagatore-Melanchi-6, Nepal. A cash assistance of Rs. 100,000 has been given to the families.Rabindra Aryal, manager of Voyage Travel, a resident of Melamchi-4, provided the help.Mayor Dambar Aryal handed over the help to the affected families.